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a Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Not all Maple Syrups are the same...

Rocky Run MillDo All Maple Syrups Taste the Same?

Do All Beers Taste the Same?

Do All Wines Taste the Same?

Do All Single Malt Scotches Taste the Same?

We think not.

They are all made in different respective environments, which produce various styles and qualities of ingredients for production purposes.

Rocky Run 's sugar camp overlooks the magnificent Rocky Saugeen River in the heart of a spectacular source for its premium sap.


Maple Syrup Shack
West Grey Maple Syrup shack in winter
Pure Maple Syrup information



Ontario pure maple syrup
Working on the pure maple syrup



Unique Character

Rocky Run, Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, has its own unique character manifested through its taste and texture.

Starting with the highest quality sap from only Sugar Maple trees and with over eighty years of production experience and knowledge in syrup production, Rocky Run a Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup has earned its stripes.

Maple syrup bottle

We are not a mass producer (approx. 1800 litres annually)

Our small "boutique " or " craft"  techniques lend themselves to focus on quality and not quantity.


quality maple syrup
Quality pure maple syrup



Our Story

Please enjoy "sifting" through our web site that tells our story.

Discover why consumers and retailers of our product consistently comment on how unique and wonderful our syrup tastes.


Four Keys

Four Key Factors in Rocky Run production of a Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup are has follows;


1) The Region or "Terroir", where Rocky Run Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup's sugar bush is situated.

A south facing bush on a hillside provides perfect drainage through its alkaline soils that are over the top of a limestone base.


Tree tap for maple syrup
clear sky here in West Grey Ontario
Tree tapping


2) Our History of Maple Syrup production.

Over eighty years of carrying on the Lind tradition has rewarded the end product though passed down knowledge and experience.


Boiling maple syrup
learning about home made maple syrup
learning about home made maple syrup
The Lind tradition



3) Our Process

Rocky Run keeps up with technology and innovation. This is a key factor in producing a quality product. However, we do not allow the modern practice to take away from the craftsmanship of a boutique style syrup.


maple syrup tools
maple syrup tools
maple syrup tools
maple syrup tools
D&G Reverse osmosis machine



4) "The Passion" 

The Lind family is very attached and focused on maple syrup production annually.

Just like a craft micro-brewer or an estate vintner...we focus totally on producing a superior syrup.


maple syrup boiling
hand made maple syrup
hand made maple syrup
perfect maple syrup



Four Key Factors In Detail

Please read on as the  Four Key Factors are described in greater detail below;

1) Rocky Run Maple Syrup, a Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup's "Terroir".

Rocky Run maple trees

In order to produce a premium product, one needs to start with the best possible ingredients available.

A fine Burgundy, Bordeaux or California Cab. find themselves producing their wines where the soil and drainage conditions are the best that they can be.




Tapped tree

South facing environment lends itself to higher sugar content.


The same applies to our bush. Better environment...better grapes....better wine...


Better sap, better syrup!





Rocky Run, a Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, retrieves its sap form a virgin old growth Sugar Maple Forest. 


Maple tree
Maple Leafs


This bush is properly managed all year long under the  Forest Stewardship Council Program, keeping it healthy and productive.


2) Our History in Maple Syrup Production

John Grieves Lind, a retired gold prospector and cement manufacturer boiled syrup in the mid 1930's in the traditional fashion,

with a tripod,  steel caldron, and a hunk of lard.

His sons continued with newer methods in the '50's and '60's

Their sons modernized procedures in the '70's

The youngest grandson installed pipelines and introduced an evaporator in the 80's.

He and his eldest brother continued to modernize and upgrade equipment continuously bringing them to current times.

The next two generations participate and get involved every "Sugaring Off" season.


maple sap
maple sap
kis helping with maple sap
kids helping with maple sap


This great Canadian tradition brings families and friends to the "Bush"  throughout all provinces stretching from Ontario to Nova Scotia.


3) The Process

Continual access to the best tasting sap running out from our mature Sugar Maples does not necessarily guarantee a superior finished product. We have to be conscious of all the other variables that can upset the end result.

Quality Control starts in the "Cool" storage of the crystal clear liquid.


maple syrup tank
maple syrup tank
maple syrup tank


Our modern Reverse Osmosis system ensures the best filtering system available today.

However, Rocky Run, a Premium Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, is very conscious about the percentage sugar we take our sap to, before it enters the cooking stage. 

We are different from the rest by only taking our sap to a 7%-8% sugar content higher!

This "cut off" opens the door for a longer "visit" to the evaporation process.

By allowing nature to "reduce" the sap to maple syrup in the evaporator and not the R.O., we provide enough cooking time to permit natural caramelization and "body building" of the syrup.

Our WOOD FIRED evaporator also adds "character" to the "sweetwater" ..soon to be syrup.   


maple syrup boiling
wood to boil maple syrup



4) "The Passion"  

 focuses on the finer details.

The dedication and focus from our "production team"  demonstrates a culmination of many many factors.


80 years of love
80 years of love


Rocky Run has over 80 years of love and dedication in converting one of nature's pristine fluids into a wonderful delicious syrup.

We remember where we came from and don't wish to compromise anything to deter our passion for quality.


delicious syrup
delicious syrup making
Tractor ride


We never blend our sap or our syrup.

What we produce is as pure as white snow. 

Quality always wins over quantity.


Maple syrup on snow
Maple syrup on snow



To Summarize

We love what we do!  We hope you will enjoy what we prouduce!


Premium maple syrup
Tractor ride



Where to find us

Summerhill Market, Toronto (all three stores)

Curries Farm Market, Collingwood 

Dags and Willow, Collingwood

Thrive Foods, Honey Harbour

North Wellington Co-Op, Durham, Ontario

Honey Harbour Town Centre, Honey Harbour

McLeans Home Hardware, Durham On



Market Garden, Chelsea Hotel, Toronto

Field of Greens Muskoka Market

Artemesia Cheese and Fine Foods

Bruno's Fine Foods

Peace Bridge Duty Free

Lake Livin', Port Sandfield

Welbeck Sawmill

Or by E-Mail to Geoffrey Lind at